Welcome to Fit Ritual

Welcome to Fit Ritual, your Manhattan oasis. We are comprehensive boutique health club for all your fitness and wellness needs.

Ultimate fitness experience with our to make your body fit and healty.


Check out our massage program, relax your body, relive your mind from stress.


Get ultimate nutrition program that fits to your body, feel energized and happy.


What do we offer?

Fit Ritual is a personal training studio, which means you will work one-on-one with a well-qualified professional. We will contribute to your overall health by building and maintaining your psychical strength with reducing the risk of injury to a minimum, providing proper nutrition program, all in a functional and well equipped space.

Our greatest value is They will understand your needs, give fast response, all in a transparent, positive and clear communication. Our trainers are aware of todays faced paced environment, sedentary lifestyle, quality of food, social conditioning. They are aware that every person is different, with their own unique needs and that is the reason why we are looking at people as a whole, whose health and wellbeing depends on movement, proper nutrition, stress management, sleep and a deeper connection to their community.